How do we connect to land and landscapes? How does the landscape connect to the personal and collective memory, and the personal and collective identity? And how does the medium succeed or fail in representing and preserving them? My work revolves around places and communities which find themselves between appearing and disappearing, forgetting and remembering, destruction and resurrection, the utopian and the dystopian. As outposts of the Old and the New World they are subjected to war, persecution, colonialism, imperialism, cultural genocide, migration, economic or demographic changes, globalisation, climate change, etc. I approach universal concepts around which people gather, coexist or live in conflict. Geographical, architectural, botanical, animalistic or celestial symbols like the border, the mountain, the building, the island, the sea, the sun, the tree, etc. are recurring symbols which connect people and places who don't seem to share a common ground at first sight and remain merely exotic to the western mind. However, working across communities, locations and formats opens our understanding, and offers potential new readings of the present and of the past. When we face the past we understand the present. When we understand the present we can shape the future.

In my art practice I search to deconstruct and translate complex realities into new constructions and ambiguous reflections on the idea of land, place, identity, memory and belonging, by making use of the suggestive and evocative qualities of the medium. I explore the interconnection between the visual, the acoustic and the mental, its vague boundaries, the thin line between the moving and the static image, and the individual and the collective gaze. The audience needs to complete the blurred 'gestalt', decode the spatial ambiguities, assume presences and see trough all omissions and shortenings. In the everlasting, almost frozen moment that results rules a strong individual sense of space and time. Listening and watching becomes intense, intimate, alienative, contemplative and almost tangible in the context of an undisturbed stillness.

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EN / NL - (texts published in 'Pieter Geenen - The Moving Land', 2009, ISBN 9789077193259)

Pieter Geenen - The Moving Land
ISBN 9789077193259
Published by bkSM, 2009
Texts: Herman Asselberghs, Luk Lambrecht
Design: Studio Luc Derycke
48 pages

Double Talk - Pieter Geenen en Johan Grimonprez in Strombeek en Mechelen - Pieter Van Bogaert
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